Stepless drive (for 3 axes) TSC series

Near-by solution for piloting 3 stepper motors with closed loop control. Ideal for low speed applications.

Through closed loop control, a synchronous stepper motor can be controlled with modulated current:

- eliminating the problems related to the loss of pace

- reducing the engine temperature.

Compared to the brushless solution, the Stepless technology offers higher torque at low speed on the same motor size. This makes it suitable for many low-speed applications.

TSC is the nearby 48Vdc drive for open chain control of 3 stepper motors with encoder.

The solution offered includes the TSC drive supplied with 3 stepper motors of the MM series (60 mm flange).

CANopen interface.

Daisy chain connection.


Dimensions mm: H 185 x W 70 x D 55 / 70.5

0.8 Kg


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