Wiring Industrial Electrical Panels

Optimized methods for wiring electrical panels and machine edges to customer specifications


All the electrical panels we install are designed and assembled in our company with a high degree of customization. The internal technical study produces the electrical executive drawings and assists the production during each of its phases: from the purchase of the components to the tests and final inspection in place according to the EN61439 standards.

Our staff is always continuously updated allowing us to be competitive and technically prepared.

RG Engineering has highly qualified personnel for the connections of sensors, motors and actuators in an industrial machine. Only high quality materials and cables are used.



The installation and wiring of the electrical panels on board the machine is carried out taking into account the regulations in force and paying great attention to the laying of the cables and their subsequent channelling. We submit the electrical panel

How we work:
  • We provide a TEAM of specialized and qualified PEI and PES installers
  • The installation of cable trays, junction boxes or active/passive I/O modules, laying cables, commissioning is carried out under meticulous quality control and according to standards defined by the customer.
  • Wiring is performed in a workmanlike manner, we equip all machine utilities with standard software designed by RG Engineering, in order to optimize intervention times even with remote guidance.
  • Thanks to our internal standard method we are able to control and develop the process in order to optimize times and costs, thus also supporting the company in internal production efficiency.